15.07.2016. Sunnybrook Park 2

It was another great day, with birding in the morning and something completely different after (sorry, I just don't remember how I spent the rest of the day. And it's not because I was drunk, it's because I'm translating this article 8 years later).

So, I woke up early in the morning to reach this park and watch some birds before the heat started. This is me:

The first lifer of the day was an Eastern Kingbird. This bird is one of the commonest bird species in Toronto parks.

Then, I met this guy. Hairy Woodpecker is pretty similar to Downy Woodpecker but noticeably bigger. Also, a good way to tell this first Woody from the second one is to compare their bills. Hairy has a much longer bill. You can look at the following two pictures and check the bill length. 

Another common bird of Toronto is the Brown-headed Cowbird. And also (in my opinion), one of the most boring (after Feral Pigeon, of course) birds I've ever met. On top of this, it's turned out they are also the brood parasites, and I figured out it myself that day! I saw a Red-eyed Vireo feeding the Cowbird offspring.

Check out the pictures below:

It's me again:

American Goldfinches are everywhere:

A chipping Sparrow with the nice brown cap.

A cute and curious Black-capped Chickadee met me near the soccer fields.

Song Sparrow

White-breasted Nuthatch. I heard it many times before, but finally I saw it!

Grey Catbird. A few days later, I realized why it has CAT in the name. Because of its calls. It definitely sounds like a cat in springtime :)

A moment of tragedy - crows are destroying the nest of a flycatcher sp. Life is tough...

This is me again (with friend) :)

Thank you, folks, and see you soon.