June 08, 2024. Changes are coming.

Ok, people. Soon... in terms of evolution, very soon... on the cosmic scale, absolutely in no time... you will find here a beautiful tomorrow. A website so prominent and unique that you'll forget about everything but this. And that. And water... forget everything but have some water with you. Especially now. Stay hydrated, people.

See you soon!


02.09.2016. Nine warblers in a row.

During just two days of September, I've got nine lifers! Not a big deal for the fall time unless one thing - all of them are Warblers. Moreover, from the day of my arrival in Canada on the 1st of July till that moment, I met only one warbler species - Yellow Warbler.

15.07.2016. Sunnybrook Park 2

It was another great day, with birding in the morning and something completely different after (sorry, I just don't remember how I spent the rest of the day. And it's not because I was drunk, it's because I'm translating this article 8 years later).

June 2015

The first month of Summer is over, but some pictures from June 2015 remain unpublished. Let's fix this.

One of my favourites is the female Common Redstart.