2023 review

For three consecutive years, from 2019 to 2021, three different owls were on the covers of my annual reports. But 2022 has changed this not-very-long tradition: a Northern Gannet took their place. So why not establish a new not-very-long tradition, with different boobies on the cover, and with a good reason - in 2023 year I saw two species of them: Northern Gannet and Brown Booby (see the photo below):

Vancouver and Vancouver, June 2022. Part 1.

Believe it or not, British Columbia has two Vancouvers: the city and the island. Another fun fact - on a clear day, you can see one Vancouver from the other, across the Strait of Georgia. This strait (practically a sea) is full of whales, dolphins and mermaids. More exciting: these waters are rich in pelagic birds, and we will talk about it soon.

02.09.2016. Nine warblers in a row.

During just two days of September 2016, I've got nine lifers! Not a big deal for the fall time unless one thing - all of them belonged to the same group - Warblers. Moreover, from the day of my arrival in Canada, on July 1, till this moment, I met only one warbler species - Yellow Warbler.

15.07.2016. Sunnybrook Park 2

It was another great day, with birding in the morning and something completely different after (sorry, I just don't remember how I spent the rest of the day. And it's not because I was drunk, it's because I'm translating this article 8 years later).

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